Mediator Adam Katz – Training, Experience, and Rates

In January of 2019, Mr. Katz completed Civil Mediation Training at Henning Mediation in Atlanta, Georgia.  Drawing on his experience as a commercial and employment litigator, Mr. Katz has mediated a wide variety of matters including disputes arising from complex commercial relationships, restrictive covenants, employment relationships, landlord/tenant, and business divorces.

Mr. Katz is registered as a civil mediator with the State of Georgia and is available for private mediations by appointment.  His rate is $450 per hour (split among the parties).

Mr. Katz handles in-person mediations and is proficient in conducting Zoom mediations.

Please contact Mr. Katz at (404) 567-4601 to discuss your dispute.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process for resolving conflicts.  In mediation, the parties hire a neutral person (the mediator) to facilitate a settlement of their dispute.  Generally, the mediation begins with the parties, their counsel, and the mediator coming together in an in-person or virtual joint session.  Next, the parties are placed in separate rooms (actually or virtually) and the mediator goes back and forth between the rooms, meets with the parties, helps them formulate proposals and responses, communicates the proposals and responses to the other party, and continues this process until the parties reach a resolution. If a settlement is reached, the mediator works with the parties and counsel to draft an enforceable settlement agreement that is signed by the parties.

Why participate in mediation?

Over his 20+ years as a practicing attorney, Mr. Katz regularly represented clients in mediations and developed a passion for the process.  Mr. Katz believes mediation is one of the most effective and efficient methods of resolving disputes because it allows the people who know the most about the dispute and care the most about the outcome to craft the resolution.  Mediation is a confidential process where the parties can engage in an open dialog with the mediator and explore creative solutions that are not available in traditional litigation or arbitration.  A mediation is generally conducted over one day and allows the parties to focus on resolving the matter and bringing closure to the dispute.  Mediations can be conducted at any time, including before a case is filed.  This allows parties to save substantial time and legal expense.